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CEC Foreign / Related Items

1980s - Charlie Cheese's Pizza Playhouse (Australia)

Charlie Cheese's Menu
EST VALUE: $40-50

In Australia 'Chuck' means 'to throw up', so when they opened up a CEC there it was named "Charlie Cheese's". It was bought by Grundy's and was part of a complex known as Surfer Paradise. This menu is from the early 80s and mentions Madame Oink as the current guest star.

Charlie Cheese's Token
EST VALUE: $20-25 (dots), $30-40 (stars)

This is what the Charlie Cheese token looks like. It has the map of Australia on the reverse and the embossed CEC head on the front (similar to the 3D 1981 Rat head US token). Two varieties - 'dots' between words, and a scarce 'stars' between words version.

Charlie Cheese's Bumper Sticker
EST VALUE: $25-30

This is a bumper sticker from Charlie Cheese's. Very similar to a domestically released Pizza Time Theatre one.

1980s - Pizza Time Theatre (Canada)

Chuck E. Cheese Canadian Token
EST VALUE: $2-3 (B), $3-6 (NBS), $40 (NB)

This bilingual token has the french text "A LA GRACE DE LA PIZZA" one one side. Known in brass, nickel bonded steel (magnetic), and a rare nickel brass (non-magnetic).

1980 - Jasper T. Jowls Pinback Button

This Canadian version of the 1980 red Jasper pinback looks very similar to the US versions. Note the friendlier updated artwork though (the wheat in his mouth is bent different than on US ones).

1982 - Chuck E. Cheese Pinback Button

This neat white CEC pinback is very similar to the design of a common yellow-orange US one.

1984 - Chuck E. Cheese Pinback Button

This is a Chuck E. Cheese's pinback that is marked Canada on the rim and is dated 1984 PTT Inc.

1984 - Mr. Munch Pinback Button

This is also an interesting button. This Mr. Munch pinback is simiar in design to a red US version, but this one uses the popular 'ShowBiz Pizza' font.

1980s - Pizza Time Theatre (Hong Kong)

Hong Kong Chuck E. Cheese Pinback Button
EST VALUE: $20-30

Pizza Time Theatre had at least one restaurant in Hong Kong in the early 1980s before they went bankrupt. This pinback is from that international location.

1983 - Zapp's (Owned by Pizza Time Theatre Inc.)

Zapp's Tokens

CEC experimented with an adult food, drink, and game parlor in some of the CEC locations that didn't do well. The name of the stores (in Reno, Cupertino, Tampa) was Zapps. Note the similarity between the reverse of the Zapps token and the reverse of the CEC tokens. Brass and white metal varieties know.

2001 - TJ Hartford's (Owned by CEC Entertainment Inc.)

TJ Hartford's Token

TJ Hartford's is an adult sports bar concept that was started within the CEC company. This token was from 2001, before they switched to just using quarters.

TJ Hartfords Table Tent
EST VALUE: $5-10

This table tent is from 2006 and shows TJ's updated logo. This came from the only concept store in existance which is in Lewisville, TX.

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